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Scooby and Scrappy
By Eileen,Alf,Kirsty (7) and Ciara (5) Bass, Cheshire

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Scooby and Scrappy

After losing our beloved black lab Dillon at 13 , it took a long time for us to decide to get another puppy – especially as Harvey our other lab is now 15.We are so glad now though that we choose Scooby.
We knew having seen Poppy that we wanted one of her pup’s. Louise was very keen for us to meet her and some of the other beautiful dogs she has. When it came to choosing our pup we were given lots of space and time to decide though Louise was there if we needed her for help and advice.
Scooby himself has settled into our lives very well. He coped very well with our 4 hour journey home and was very happy when he met his new big brother. Now he and Harvey are more often than not found cuddled up together – even in Scooby’s crate! Scooby is such a bully to the poor old man though – just as well he is so tolerant.
At 4 months Scooby is developing into a very handsome, sociable young man. He loves meeting new dogs and people. He is a firm favourite in both our local pet shop and at school where the children make a fuss over him.
We are so glad we have him now and would love, in the future, to have another of Louise’s pups.

Eileen,Alf,Kirsty (7) and Ciara (5) Bass, Cheshire

18 months later Eileen, Alf and family did indeed return and added Scrappy, a half brother of Scooby, to their family.

You can view more pictures of Scooby and Scrappy on the gallery.

31st December 2010

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