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Lola, Luna, Lily and Lucy!!

Lola is now 5 months old and was one of the 3 black bitches that Georgie had. We fell in love with Lola immediately with her big fat tummy and her beautiful little face and just had to have her.

She is the most fantastic puppy with a wonderful temperment. She adapted to life in our home immediately and its like she has always been here, she has her own bedroom and has claimed one of the sofa’s as her own.

She is more like an adult than a puppy hardly having had any accidents in the house and I am still waiting for her to start to chew things, so far nothing! She loves everyone and she likes to lie at your feet with one paw over your shoes so you don’t move away from her!

She adores going out walking and we vary her walks all the time so she can explore everything, she rarely leaves your side and is always off the lead. She started training class at 12 weeks old and even though she was the youngest in the class she was by far the cleverest having mastered sit and stay in the first few weeks. She is really smart and very obidient!

I am often stopped by strangers telling me how lovely she is and what a beautiful face she has. She loves lying in the sun on the children’s trampoline and she spends hours playing with her teddy! My two children Benedict (age 7) and Anoushka (age 4) absolutely adore her and Lola often wakes up covered in pink covers and has Barbie Dolls tucked in beside her courtesy of my daughter! Benedict is trying hard to get Lola to retrieve his cricket balls when he practices in the garden but if its sunny and the trampoline is there he has no chance!

What else can I say but thanks to Louise for rearing Lola during her few weeks of life and for very kindly having her when she was 4 months old when we were on holiday – I could not bear the thought of her in kennels and I am ashamed to say I cried when leaving her. I did not think I was going to get her back as Louise fell in love with her!

Huge big thanks to you! Lola is the best!

Aleda, Albert, Benedict and Anoushka Morillo

One year later and the Morillo family came back for their second puppy who was a full sister to Lola and they called her Luna.

Some emails from the Morillo family.

Hi Louise,

Thought you might like to see these pictures of Lola taken at end of September this year. She is still such a wonderful dog. Placid, calm, gorgeous, well behaved (not even chewed a thing in the house!!!) and the most loving dog ever. She loves the beach and the water and no matter where she is walked she seeks out the sea, water, pool, bog, muddy puddle, burn etc etc. She permanently has a tennis ball hanging out of her mouth and takes it everywhere. I had to buy a used batch from e-bay to keep up with Lolas frequent loss of balls when out for walks!

She is just fab, we all love her to bits. She comes everywhere with us, does the school run every morning, sits in the front seat when I am in the supermarket or at the gym and when sitting in the house she just likes to lie beside you putting her paws over your leg or feet or anywhere she can have physical contact with you.

She’s the best!

Hi Louise,

Just an update to let you know how Luna is getting on. She will be 13 weeks on Monday and she has already started her training classes. Although she already sits and stays, copying Lola no doubt. She is a bit of a minx! Definitely much more spirited than Lola. She annoys the hell out of Lola always looking to play with her and she bites her legs and ears and tail and poor Lola just lets her. She loves her walks, the beach in particular and even though not yet swimming she goes into the sea every day. She loves to flip Lola’s ears back and spends hours just licking the inside of Lola’s ears. No point in having bought a bed for her as the pair of them sleep together all the time. We love both of them to bits.

The Morillo family decided they wanted a third edition to their family and added Lily a Holden daughter
The Morillo family again decided they wanted a fourth addition Lucy a Holden and Millie daughter