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Hi everyone!

Sorry its been so long, but better late than never!! Meg is 7 months old now. She is continuing to do well. Has discovered rabbits, squirrels and anything else that can be chased! She is generally very good with her obedience except when she has something better to do – like chase a rabbit!!

She still likes to snuggle in beside Max which is quite comical as she is much bigger now. We are off to Denmark for a week in the Summer so the 2 of them are going into Kennels (her first time!). I have booked a double kennel so they can be together.

Meg’s favourite occupation when she is in the garden is to remove the shoes from the garage one by one and take them outside. She also likes to take a large towel outside and lie on it. The boys say that she is sunbathing!

Anyway, we are still thrilled with her and she is a perfect addition to our family.

With kind regards and best wishes.

Rona and Kenneth