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Dear Louise,

Just wanted to give you an update on Milo ……….

We had a good journey home and only slight whimpering on the way. Poor wee soul was missing you and his kennel mates and I did feel guilty about uprooting him! Especially when I saw the puppy dog eyes! However he soon found his first den when we got home!

The first few nights he was up a few times but is now settling for more or less the whole night. We’re trying to get a good regular routine going and so far so good!

He’s everybody’s friend and gets loads of attention when out and about! I met an old man on the beach with two golden retrievers and he admired Milo greatly. He commented on his paw size and his build. He then asked me “Working or pet?” So I said “pet”, to which the man replied “What a waste!”

Milo has encountered my sister’s cats across the garden. They all keep a discreet distance from one other and just sit sizing each other up! Milo stays pretty well when asked but is naturally curious. We had a walk on the beach on Friday and he encountered quite a few dogs, cyclists and people. He was very good about sitting and watching. He obviously tried to chase them but was quite easy to calm down. At the end of the walk, we encountered about a hundred runners at different stages of their race so he jumped up and bounded about but he still seemed to listen pretty well too. As you suggested, the treat tin with smoked sausage works very well!

Alan has made him a kennel and a gated run and he loves being outside so he gets plenty fresh air and attention from my nephews and their friends. He’s the star attraction of the moment!

He’s very happy in the car so we’ve made a few short journeys with him. He just lies quietly on the back seat and falls asleep.

Last night we had friends to stay and he was such good company and slept while we ate dinner. They are so taken by him and can’t get over how well behaved he is.

In short, your training and upbringing of him has been brilliant and we really appreciate it. He’s such a joy to us and seems to be settling in really well …………………. plenty tail wagging which is a lovely sign.

We are both really grateful for all of your help and advice and for making us so welcome when we came to see Milo. He’s one happy puppy and he owes that to you, so thanks!

If you find yourselves in the area, please drop in to see us. Milo would love to see you both I’m sure!

With our thanks and best wishes,

Sue and Alan (And Milo!)