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Lyla is one of Georgie and Holden’s puppies. She came from a mixed litter of black and chocolate and is a beautiful dark chocolate colour. We have two kids, one with autism and after watching a very moving drama on TV about an autistic boy and his dog we decided we wanted a chocolate lab.
We met with Louise one wet weekend. She introduced us to Coco, her quietest dog, she was beautiful. We all went for a walk and the kids got to take Coco. She was very well behaved. We then met Georgie and Nemo. We spent ages in the pouring rain throwing balls and playing with them. Louise was very patient with us and gave us lots of good advice, she clearly loved her dogs and wanted to make sure her puppies went to a good home.
When it was time for us to choose our puppy Louise spent lots of time with us. It was a very hard decision but in the end we chose Lyla who seemed to have lots of fun chasing our son around the garden.
She settled into her new home very quickly and was house trained in no time at all. She continued to chase the kids around and would lie on our feet at every opportunity which is quite difficult when you are cooking the tea!
Prior to thinking about Lyla we had arranged a holiday abroad. We dicussed this with Louise and she offered to look after Lyla for us while we went on holiday. She was only 13 weeks old, but we knew she would be well looked after as we could see how much Louise loved and cared for her dogs.
Almost a year on Lyla has grown into a beautiful dog who loves long walks and still lies on our feet. She has just returned from a weekend with Louise and the rest of the dogs, while we spent some time with family up north. It was nice to see everyone again and for Lyla to meet up with her mum and her sister Lola, as well as being spoilt by Louise. She has always been a great source of information and is just at the end of the phone when we had any questions. We would recommend a visit even if you are just considering buying a dog. We know once you see her beautiful dogs you won’t be able to resist.

Julie, Stephen, Lauren, Christopher and Lyla Henry.