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Hi Louise,

We can’t believe that Ollie has been with is for 5 weeks now and is so much part of the family. He is learning fast, he uses (most of the time) his own patch in the garden, will sit and stay for a while, come when called, go to his bed when told, and our biggest achievement is making him sit and wait for his meals, (only for a few seconds, we’re not that cruel to keep a Lab’ from his food!) He has been out for the first time, and loves the freedom, but still stays close, when off the lead in the park. He is not too sure of buses though, so we need to get him onto some busy roads pretty quick.

He has grown so much in the last few weeks and put on 2kg in the two weeks between jags, our vet says that he is perfect, that’s a nice compliment for us all. His personality has grown as well, he is so cheeky, we keep his food under the sink with a number of other items, it is impossible to open that cupboard door without him running, full of anticipation, into the kitchen fully expecting to be fed. Only to be disappointed, and you know how those Lab eyes always say “I am starving!!”

Ollie is adored and loved by all who come in contact with him and we have had more offers of dog sitters for him than we have EVER had for our children, so he must be as special as we think he is.

Have attached some photo’s not up to date though, so will send more soon.

Hope this finds you fit and well and say Hi to Coco for me.

Jane and Tommy