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“We didn’t really choose Ash, she chose us, or more specifically my husband. At seven weeks old she was bug eyed and wrinkly nosed but she is rapidly growing into a stunner.”

“Louise could not have been more helpful or knowledgable and it was great to be able to meet both mum and aunt to judge what sort of temperament and proportions the puppy would ultimately have.”

“She was not difficult to house train and has been great fun to teach and play with ever since. She does seem very bright and picks up new commands quickly. She is also extremely talkative and if she feels she’s getting inadequate attention or is in teenager ‘I’m bored’ phase she is only too eager to let us know.”

“At 20 weeks now, she is looking very nicely proportioned already and is healthy with a fine sheen to her coat. Our previous labradors have both been long lived and we look forward to many years of fun with Ash.”

Hugh and Lindsay Roberts