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Hi Louise,

Coco, named by our girls, is doing really well. She loves playing with our other dog, Troy. The two of them are great company for each other.
Although we’ve only had Coco for a short while; we can tell she’s going to have a lovely temperament. Our cats have made it clear who’s boss and Coco seems to have accepted that – she’s quite happy now to have a snooze with them under our bed without disturbing them!

I think it’s great you continue to keep an interest in how Coco’s getting on – I realise some breeders would not be bothered after pups have been sold.
We were really pleased with all the advice and guidance given when we first came to visit and then when we collected Coco.

We’d be happy to commend the way you breed your labradors. Believe me, we made a point of noticing how the pups were, where they were kept, the cleanliness of their home and how you answered our questions. If all of these points were not right, we would have looked elsewhere.

Philip & Kirstie Crosson