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“Benji, one of Coco’s pups is almost 6 months old now. From the beginning, he was a well-adapted puppy, accepting new experiences with a nervous curiosity at first, later becoming more adventurous. “

“He loves being outdoors, investigating and meeting new people and especially their dogs, but he quickly settles at home either for a night in or if he is left for a few hours by himself.”

“Louise and Jeff were extremely patient, after indecision set in once I had met all the puppies on whom to choose. Full of good practical advice having not had a dog for some years, they were honest about the commitment needed, but clearly cared for the pups as they did for their own dogs.”

“Benji is still the mischievous pup I first brought home although much larger now. He has his mum’s good nature and loves a game of football on the beach, but most of all loves company. Thanks to Louise for giving him such a good start in life.”

Aileen McAndrew