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Dear Louise and Poppy (coco’s mummy)

We would like to say a jumbo thank you for bringing our little brown bundle of joy into our lives.

As soon as we met Louise we could tell how much her dogs were loved and she immediately made us feel very comfortable in her home. All of her dogs were well behaved loving animals and they are a credit to you.

We have had many compliments from other Labrador owners and our vet in Edinburgh was extremely enthusiastic for Coco’s pedigree and temperament, and also wanted the Crammondkirk Labradors details for recommending to other potential owners. One lady riding her horse immediately jumped of her horse, and said she was the best lab she has seen.

Coco is now 15 1/2 weeks old, each day we take hundreds of photos of funny things she does. She is a people pleaser and cant resist stopping everyone she sees to say ‘hi look at me’.

One of her favourite things is sleeping in the car, sofa and on daddy’s tummy.

She loves her crate and snores loudly through the night, only stopping once to go to the toilet and then back to snoring again. Coco has plenty of toys but still prefers the empty plastic bottle to chase.

Once again we would highly recommend Louise as the most perfect surrogate parent and breeder. Little Coco was born on Christmas Day and Louise kindly put up with my hundreds of emails and texts leading up to the birth of our little Christmas miracle aka kennel name Christmas Holly Berry.

Thank you for bringing her into our life and giving us all your wonderful advice. Coco has now completed our family. We love you guys and hi to Poppy.

Hamish, Tina and little Coco Brown

Coco, Hamish and Tina now live in the USA California and are now discussing having a little sister sent over for Coco