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Hello Louise,

Charlie here just writing a quick note to let you that I have settled in really well here everyone is really nice to me. They give me lots of toys, lots of hugs and kisses,lots of treats oh and they put a nice hot water bottle in my bed for me to go to sleep.

I had a really nice Xmas diving into all the wrapping paper and I also got presents in a stocking.
I am quite naughty at times but it keeps them on their toes. I have my mad 10/15mins 3 times a day, were i run round the garden or the house dragging any clothes that i can find on the radiators, he he he. They took me to the vet I didn’t mind that I fell asleep and I got my first injections that was sore!!!!

That’s all for now am sending some pictures of me to show you how I look now.

All the best

PS thank you for finding me this family, I still miss u though.