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I have been meaning to let you know how Lexie has been getting on but we have been enjoying having her so much that I have hardly switched the computer on. Lexie is a lovely sociable wee character that has us dancing to her every tune.

All the things we said we were not going to do have gone out the window! She sits on the sofa, I said that I wouldn’t let her but I can’t resist those lovely wee eyes looking at me and up she comes. She has already make a huge difference to our lifestyle for the better. She has had her first vaccination at the vet and is due to get her next one next week. She loves running around the garden and will chase almost anything. She is so funny the way she stalks even a leaf and then jumps on it. Her favourite way of sleeping seems to be either lying on her back or lying in her bed with her head on the floor!

I have attached some photos of Lexie and will send some more to you once she gets a bit bigger. You will see from the photos that she plays with our friends dogs in our garden and absolutely loves it.

Thank you so much for giving us such a lovely happy wee dog.

June & Ken