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Hi Louise,

Just a few words about Minty for your website.
Our daughters had a very firm picture of the puppy they wanted. No sooner had we arrived at Louise’s than a shout of, “There he is Mummy, that’s Minty!”, was heard. 2 weeks later he was home with us and he settled in really quickly. Our only worry was that he didn’t bark until he was 3 months old and that was only when he was introduced to a rubber chicken!

Minty loves to play fetch with the tennis ball in the garden and is always the first on the trampoline in the morning! He is also a very fast runner and has torn up almost all of the grass in our garden as he steals the ball!
He now weighs 38 kg but still likes to sit on his Mum’s knee to watch Coronation Street. Minty really is a cheeky little boy!
Minty loves going places and has been a great hit with the old ladies in the local care home where he is never short of admirers (or biscuits!)

We didn’t think we could love another dog as much as our old Golden Retriever but Minty has brought us great joy in the last year. Having met Coco we have no doubt that Minty has her sweet temperament.
We can’t imagine life without our beautiful, soft, cuddly boy.

Bob, Eleanor, Cora, Celia and Minty Boyle