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Lola, Luna, Lily and Lucy!!

Lola is now 5 months old and was one of the 3 black bitches that Georgie had. We fell in love with Lola immediately with her big fat tummy and her beautiful little face and just had to have her. She is the most fantastic puppy with a wonderful temperment. She adapted to life in our home immediately and its like she has always been here, she has her own bedroom and has claimed one of the sofa’s as her own. She is more like an adult than a puppy hardly having had any accidents in the house and I am still…

Scooby and Scrappy

After losing our beloved black lab Dillon at 13 , it took a long time for us to decide to get another puppy – especially as Harvey our other lab is now 15.We are so glad now though that we choose Scooby.
We knew having seen Poppy that we wanted one of her pup’s. Louise was very keen for us to meet her and some of the other beautiful dogs she has. When it came to choosing our pup we were given lots of space and time to decide though Louise was there if we needed her for help and advice…


Harvey is having his 1st birthday next week and we just wanted to let you know how well he has settled into our family and that he is very much loved & spoilt in our house!

Harvey has been a bundle of fun since day one! We’ve had plenty of ‘Marley & me’ moments but we love having him around and can’t imagine life without him now!


I just had to e mail you a picture of Bailey, better late than never.

We got Bailey from yourself on 27 December 07. Both our children had harped on about wanting a dog for years, we gave in and gave them a huge surprise when we arrived to pick Bailey up without them knowing where we were going or why.


We had a good journey home and only slight whimpering on the way. Poor wee soul was missing you and his kennel mates and I did feel guilty about uprooting him! Especially when I saw the puppy dog eyes! However he soon found his first den when we got home!

The first few nights he was up a few times but is now settling for more or less the whole night. We’re trying to get a good regular routine going and so far so good!


Just a quick email to let you know that our little (not so little anymore!) boy is doing great! He’s a real asset to us, I don’t know how we went without him for so long!

The journey home was long (about 10 hours!) but Kelson travelled and adapted very well. I thought that the long journey and spending so much time with Ian he’d be Ian’s dog, but I was so totally wrong, he’s definitely a mummy’s boy! He follows me everywhere and gets so excited to see me when I come home! It’s lovely to have such a warm greeting after a bad day!


We didn’t really choose Ash, she chose us, or more specifically my husband. At seven weeks old she was bug eyed and wrinkly nosed but she is rapidly growing into a stunner.

Louise could not have been more helpful or knowledgable and it was great to be able to meet both mum and aunt to judge what sort of temperament and proportions the puppy would ultimately have.


Lyla is one of Georgie and Holden’s puppies. She came from a mixed litter of black and chocolate and is a beautiful dark chocolate colour. We have two kids, one with autism and after watching a very moving drama on TV about an autistic boy and his dog we decided we wanted a chocolate lab. We met with Louise one wet weekend. She introduced us to Coco, her quietest dog, she was beautiful. We all went for a walk and the kids got to take Coco. She was very well behaved. We then met Georgie and Nemo. We spent ages in the pouring rain throwing balls and playing with them.


Hi Louise,

I thought you might like to see how Fletch is growing up. Can’t believe he is nearly 4 months.
He is such a great boy and is so friendly with everyone. It’s a nightmare taking him out everyone wants to stop and pet him!!!


Cody was homed to Craig and Annie when he was 1 year old.

Just a quick email to let you now how well Cody is fitting in. Himself and Hero had a ball yesterday up at Kinshaldy Beach near St Andrews. The pair of them have bonded really well and were diving head first into the crashing waves. Follows Hero everywhere and is like you said – mad for the crows and having a wee play with other dogs but returns well.


Hi Louise,

Just a few words about Minty for your website.
Our daughters had a very firm picture of the puppy they wanted. No sooner had we arrived at Louise’s than a shout of, “There he is Mummy, that’s Minty!”, was heard. 2 weeks later he was home with us and he settled in really quickly. Our only worry was that he didn’t bark until he was 3 months old and that was only when he was introduced to a rubber chicken!


Hi Louise,

Coco, named by our girls, is doing really well. She loves playing with our other dog, Troy. The two of them are great company for each other.
Although we’ve only had Coco for a short while; we can tell she’s going to have a lovely temperament. Our cats have made it clear who’s boss and Coco seems to have accepted that – she’s quite happy now to have a snooze with them under our bed without disturbing them!


Hi everyone!

Sorry its been so long, but better late than never!! Meg is 7 months old now. She is continuing to do well. Has discovered rabbits, squirrels and anything else that can be chased! She is generally very good with her obedience except when she has something better to do – like chase a rabbit!!


Good Morning Louise,

I am so glad that I had been surfing through the Internet and came across your web site as we were looking for another dog to keep our year old lurcher company. I always wanted a Labrador, but I wanted him to be different from the rest, that was when I saw the chocolate labs and thought that they were stunning.


Hello Louise,

Charlie here just writing a quick note to let you that I have settled in really well here everyone is really nice to me. They give me lots of toys, lots of hugs and kisses, lots of treats oh and they put a nice hot water bottle in my bed for me to go to sleep…


Hi Louise,

We bought snicker to fill the huge gap left by the death of our 16 year old yellow lab last year and he had huge boots to fill.What a great dog he has become and he managed to creep into our hearts in the very first day…


We got Ben in Oct 05 from Louise,from day one he has brought great pleasure to all the family.
We met Cleo his Mum before Ben was born and found picking Ben from 12 beautiful puppies difficult. Louise was more than helpful. Ben obviously has had a very good start…


Dear Louise and Poppy (coco’s mummy)

We would like to say a jumbo thank you for bringing our little brown bundle of joy into our lives.

As soon as we met Louise we could tell how much her dogs were loved and she immediately made us feel very comfortable in her home. All of her dogs were well behaved loving animals and they are a credit to you…

Myrren and Molly

Hi Louise

Myrren & Molly have been with us now since February, Funny, can’t remember them not being here. They have fitted in to the family with no trouble at all.

They are just the most agreeable girls and welcome everyone into the house with great enthusiasm…


Hi Louise,

We can’t believe that Ollie has been with is for 5 weeks now and is so much part of the family. He is learning fast, he uses (most of the time) his own patch in the garden, will sit and stay for a while, come when called, go to his bed when told, and our biggest achievement is making him sit and wait for his meals…


I just wanted to write a note about our new edition to our family Yoda (yes her name is from Star Wars). I could not have asked for a better natured dog.

On her trip home for the first time she was very inquisitive and not distressed in anyway considering it was her first day in a car with strangers. She was fully toilet trained at 9 weeks and fitted easily to our way of life…


I have been meaning to let you know how Lexie has been getting on but we have been enjoying having her so much that I have hardly switched the computer on. Lexie is a lovely sociable wee character that has us dancing to her every tune.

All the things we said we were not going to do have gone out the window! She sits on the sofa, I said that I wouldn’t let her but I can’t resist those lovely wee eyes looking at me and up she comes…


We got Paddy last February 2004 from Louise and are delighted to say how lucky we are to have him! We were able to go and visit Paddy in the run up to taking him home which was nice to allow him to get used to us (but very difficult not to want to take more than one pup home!!). It was good to see how well looked after the pups were, the excellent conditions they were kept in and the fact that they were around their mum was nice…


Benji, one of Coco’s pups is almost 6 months old now. From the beginning, he was a well-adapted puppy, accepting new experiences with a nervous curiosity at first, later becoming more adventurous.
He loves being outdoors, investigating and meeting new people and especially their dogs, but he quickly settles at home either for a night in or if he is left for a few hours by himself…

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Stephen Nixon
Stephen Nixon
About two and a half years ago I reached out to Crammondkirk Labradors for some advice in what to look for if we were to have a labrador as our first family dog. Little did we realise that Louise would introduce us to the newest member of our family just a short few months later. We were lucky in that Crammondkirk would shortly have not one, but two litters due at the same time. We visited and found an extremely professional, caring breeder who answered every single question without fail. The pups were with their mothers and both litters were full of beans and inquisitive too. A few weeks later we picked up Buddy (Crammondkirk Jackson to give him his Sunday name) - and we were (and are still) smitten. Buddy has helped us focus as a family unit through some very tough times - he's now my son's best pal, he's laid back and playful (and silent - nothing seems to faze him, well, unless you keep his favourite ball from him!). His nature is second to none - I've never seen (or had) a dog as laid back as him. Well, apart from him wanting to play with every dog he meets, which has gotten him into trouble a few times! From a tiny ball of fluff to our (now two years in) newest family member, we cannot fault the support we had at the start. We've also met a few others who have labradors from Crammondkirk locally (Buddy's brother Archie, and his cousin Arlo) - each pup turns heads and attract attention of other dog owners. Heartily recommended!
Karen Dutton
Karen Dutton
Absolutely recommend Crammondkirk Labradors this is where we got our black Labrador puppy from she has settled into her new life with us in Suffolk, she is 16 weeks old now and has started her puppy training and is doing really well , she has a fantastic temperament even at this young age , all credit to Louise at Crammondkirk, from the first time we went to view the puppies with their mum to picking her up and bringing her home was a positive and pleasurable experience, no wonder Ruby is thriving, thank you Louise .
Debra Hay
Debra Hay
We picked-up our black Labrador, Murphy, last December. He was calm and cute when we picked him up from Louise. He's been a great addition to the family, and Louise has been helpful and supportive answering any questions we have. Over the last number of months we have also been using Louise's dog walking service which Murphy is very enthusiastic about. We highly recommend getting a dog from Crammondkirk Labradors.
Carol Bassett
Carol Bassett
We bought Maud a chocolate Labrador puppy from Louise @ Crammondkirk Labradors in April 2022. Louise was brilliant throughout the whole process. We visited on several occasions, met Maud’s Mum & all her litter siblings. It was clear that these puppies were being looked after in the best possible way. We have had nothing but joy with Maud since bringing her home and would highly recommend Crammondkirk Labradors to anyone who is considering buying a puppy. …
Sharon Hoskins
Sharon Hoskins
We were looking for an older dog to join our family as we didn’t want a puppy to train. A friend recommended Crammond Kirk labs, we went to visit and fell in love instantly. Lana came to live with us when she was 7 years old, she fitted in with no problems, she is such a relaxed and happy dog with amazing manners! She is so gentle with children and any pups we meet. We meet lots of Cramond Kirk labs on our daily walks and they all seem to have a chilled vibe. Louise is always happy to help with any questions I may have and it’s lovely that Louise and Jeff walk Lana when we are working. Lana is always happy to see them. I would recommend Crammond Kirk Labradors to anyone ?
Ann Marie Carr
Ann Marie Carr
We brought our boy Murphy home 2 weeks ago now and can't believe how well settled he is. Our youngest son is autistic and Murphy has been fantastic and so calm. Best thing we ever did. Everyone we meet comments on how well adjusted he is. Louise has been so supportive and willing to give advice. I would highly recommend Louise and Crammondkirk to anyone looking for a labrador pup.
Karen M
Karen M
My beautiful lab came from here
craig rae
craig rae
After looking around for a bit I came across Crammondkirk and although other puppies were available elsewhere I just felt this was the right place and worth waiting for the puppies to arrive. I got Finlay at the end of July and feels like he’s always been here. Settled in brilliantly and has been a joy to be around. Great temperament and loves being around other dogs/people. He’s coming along fantastically thanks to the great start he had from Louise. Excellent breeder with loads of knowledge and advice which was appreciated. Information pack Louise made up was a lifesaver specially when there’s a lot going on at the start. 5+ stars and highly recommended.
Ian John
Ian John
We have recently welcomed Elsie, a black labrador puppy bred by Louise, into our home. She is an absolutely lovely dog with a wonderful, calm temperament, very sociable, a waggy tail and she loves to be loved. Louise is a breeder who is very professional, keeps her dogs in five-star accommodation, and is very happy to share her knowledge and advice. We would absolutely recommend anyone who is thinking of getting a labrador pup to contact Louise. She has a waiting list, which is testament to the the quality of the pups she raises.
Ed Bell
Ed Bell
Evie recently joined our family and has settled in so well. She has such a gentle nature and immediately got on really well with our young daughter and Floyd the cat. Walking with Evie is very easy as she’s so well behaved and she absolutely loves swimming! Louise was fantastic and gave us lots of advice. We’re looking forward to many future adventures with Evie in our family. Would have no hesitation recommending Crammondkirk Labradors. Many thanks. Ed & Katie.

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