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I just wanted to write a note about our new edition to our family Yoda (yes her name is from Star Wars). I could not have asked for a better natured dog.

On her trip home for the first time she was very inquisitive and not distressed in anyway considering it was her first day in a car with strangers. She was fully toilet trained at 9 weeks and fitted easily to our way of life. The dog stroller that we had purchased for her, which many people thought was hilarious, was our godsend. Yoda is not fazed with any traffic, people or other animals due to her early socialisation she adapts to her surroundings very quickly. She has made many friends most of all a northern inuit twice her size called kaizer and a husky called Koda. She loves the great outdoors and swimming is her favourite.

Although you would expect a lot of noise(barking)from your new dog, you would be sadly mistaken in the case of Yoda. She prefers to talk, groan and howel. She has came on leaps and bounds at the age of 7 months. She goes to school twice a week where she meets up with all her friends.

I cant thank Louise for giving her the best start in life with their free open space and there extensive knowledge of chocolate Labradors. I would not think twice of recommending her to friends and family.

Thanks again,
Amanda Whitelaw