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I just had to e mail you a picture of Bailey, better late than never.

We got Bailey from yourself on 27 December 07. Both our children had harped on about wanting a dog for years, we gave in and gave them a huge surprise when we arrived to pick Bailey up without them knowing where we were going or why.

I just can’t praise Bailey highly enough, we are forever being told how gorgeous he is and having just come back from a weeks caravan holiday we met so many people who just couldn’t pass Bailey by. We are told by everyone who meets him he is the nicest Chocolate Labrador they have ever seen.

Temperament is also fantastic, just a laid back gentleman. We have met other chocolate lab owners whose dogs are hyper, Bailey is very calm, laid back and a big gentle giant, great with other dogs and loves children.

I can’t thank you enough for such a perfect companion.

Here’s some pictures of Bailey

Thanks again

Linda Armit