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“Just a quick email to let you know that our little (not so little anymore!) boy is doing great! He’s a real asset to us, I don’t know how we went without him for so long!”

“The journey home was long (about 10 hours!) but Kelson travelled and adapted very well. I thought that the long journey and spending so much time with Ian he’d be Ian’s dog, but I was so totally wrong, he’s definitely a mummy’s boy! He follows me everywhere and gets so excited to see me when I come home! It’s lovely to have such a warm greeting after a bad day!”

“Kelson has settled in great, he gets spoilt rotton by everyone! As there aren’t many chocolate labradors in our home town (Deal, Kent), walking through the town with him in our arms (without him – usually a 20 minute trip) would take us over an hour! Everyone would stop us and have a stroke and make a fuss of him, he loves the attention! When he had all of his jabs and was able to walk, he still got made a fuss of all the time but couldn’t quite grasp the fact that everyone was bigger than him as he was now walking on the floor! Bless.”

“We just wanted to say that our boy is the best thing that has come into our lives in a long time and we wanted to say thank you for putting him on the right steps in the early days. We’ve recommended you to people down this way, we think that we made the right choice buying our little man from you, even though it was a long journey – it was well worth it. “

“Louiza, Ian and Kelson”

“P.S. I’ve attached a photo that you might think is a bit strange, but no-one believes us, so we had to photograph it as proof, but he really does pee and poo in a cat litter tray during the night and when we’re not around!! Crazy eh!!”