Deluxe Puppy Pack/Crates

We supply puppy packs to help you get started with your new Labrador puppy.

Deluxe Puppy pack includes:

Plastic 70cm bed
Deluxe Soft’n‘Snug(Cream)for inside plastic bed.
Stainless steel water and food bowl
Puppy collar and lead(red or blue)
Kong Wubba Ballistic Friends toy
Puppy Kong (baby pink or baby blue)
Kong Squeezz Ball
Kong Puppy Wubba (baby pink or baby blue)
Double-sided dog brush
Soft squeaky toys x6


If you would like to purchase one of our puppy packs, please place your order in advance of picking up your puppy.


We advise all potential new owners to consider getting a crate for their new puppy.

Reasons for getting a crate:

1.You can enjoy peace of mind when leaving your puppy alone, knowing that nothing can be soiled or destroyed and that he is comfortable, safe and not developing bad habits(We advise to leave your puppy no longer than 2 hours when being confined in crate).

2.You can house train your puppy more quickly by using the close confinement to motivate your pet to wait until taken outside, since canines naturally avoid soiling their den.

Large crate:£80.00
Extra Large:£100.00

Again if you wish to have a crate please tell me in advance.