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Bonnie Show Results


Show Results

Bonnie has had a fantastic year! Getting BB and BOS at N&D open show. BB and BIS at The Labrador Club Of Scotland open show. Numerous BOB’s and group placings at open level. Winning and being placed at Championship shows, getting her stud book number at SKC and the highlight winning PG and ML at National Gundog and being rewarded the RCC!!! under Mr Andrew Brown.

Had a wonderful day at Midland counties 27.10.12 with Bonnie winning a huge PG class, taking the BCC and BOB!!! under Mr David Coode. Went into my first ever Group at Champ Show level which was a little nerve racking! there was 27 dogs and Bonnie was short listed down to the final 8!

Bonnie wins the Limit class, BCC and BOS at Crufts 2013, under Mr Tom Grant!! You can watch the video of Bonnie at Crufts on Youtube- just type in Labrador Retriever Crufts 2013 bitch CC.

Bonnie wins the BCCBOB and BIS at The Labrador Retriever Club Of Ireland, under Mr Richard Edwards!

Bonnie wins the BCC and BOB at National under Mrs Margaret Senior!

Bonnie wins the RCC at Bath under Mr Richard Morris!

Bonnie has won 4CC, 3 BOB & 2RCC 🙂

Tay Valley Gundogs Association
12th October 2008
Judge: Mrs Judith Keating
First in Puppy
Nicely balanced black bitch, femine head and expression, good quarters, nice tailset, moved well.
Third in Junior*

The Labrador Club Of Scotland
18th October 2008
Judge:Mrs H Gilroy
Reserve Minor Puppy Bitch

Waverley Gundogs Association
2nd November 2008
Judge:Joanne McDonald(Marronoir)
First Puppy 7 entries,
(Incredibly sweet black bitch, just right for age, feminine head, excellent ear placementans expression, clean neck and outline, showed like a trooper.)
Second Junior

Ladies Kennel Association Of Scotland
16th November 2008
First AV Minor Puppy Bitch(6 entries)
First -Best Puppy In Group(4 entries)
BPIS….Well done too my little girl, she behaved so well and it was a very long cold day!

Larkhall & District Canine Club
3rd December 2008
Judge: Miss M Brown(Ramsayville)
Reserve AV Minor puppy
Second Puppy

Greenock & District Kennel Association
7th December 2008
Second Junior(4 entries)

Cambuslang Canine Club
21st December 2008
VHC AV Minor Puppy

Livingston Canine Society
27th December 2008
Reserve Puppy

Falkirk & District Canine Society
11th January 2009
Judge: Wendy Southwell
Second Puppy

Waverley Gundog Open Show
25th January 2009
Judge: Di Williams(Jimdi)
Second Puppy Bitch(3 entries)

Catrine Canine Club
22nd February 2009
Judge: Miss Fiona Maclean(Afinmore)
First Junior(5 entries)
Third AV Gundog Puppy
10 month old black bitch with very pretty head, good eye colour and melting expression. Good coat with correct texture, clean neck into well laid shoulders, strong legs and neat feet. Tail carried slightly high on the move but moved well.

Rutherglen Canine Club Valentine Show
24th February 2009
Judge: Mr Brian Marshall
First Junior(5 entries)
Lovely head and expressionfrom dark eye, looked balanced when standing correctly, good feet and tail set although tail was slightly high on the move but was sound and steady.

The South West Scotland gundog Association
28th February 2009
Judge: Mr Ian Ganney(Darrabol)
Reserve Puppy Bitch(5 entries)

East Of Scotland Canine Club
1st March 2009
Judge: Mrs Anne Johnson
First Junior(2 entries),Lovely puppy excellent coat and correct tail. Moved well.

Clydebank And District Canine Club
24th March 2009
Judge: Mrs Nicola Calvert(Calvdale)
First Junior(3 entries)

West Lothian Canine Society
29th March 2009
Judge: Mr J.H Richardson
Third Junior(4 entries)

Perthshire Canine Club
19th April 2009
Judge: Mr M Gadsby(Afterglow)
First Junior(4 entries)

Clackmannshire Canine Club
25th April 2009
Judge: Mrs C Normansell
First Graduate(2 entries)
Best Of Breed!!

Kirkcaldy And District Canine Club
9th May 2009
Judge:Mrs Pat Dempster(Benreeda)
First Junior(2 entries)
Good overall conformation, nice head with dark eyes, good tailset, moved well

SKC Championship Show
15th May 2009
Reserve Junior(9 entries)

Gundogs Breeds Association Of Scotland
24th May 2009
Judge:Mrs M McCulloch
Second Junior(Six entries)
Third Special Yearling(eight entries)

Livingston Canine Society
6th June 2009
Judge:Mrs K Cook(Exelby)
Third Junior(3 entries)

The Labrador Club Of Scotland
7th June 2009
Judge:Mrs Lesley Dantinnes(Zanys)
Second Junior Bitch (7 entries)
Third Novice Bitch(10 Entries)
Second(7 Entries) Neither Dog/Owner Won A CC
Lewis’s Suttonpark Simone. Most attractive black girl that I liked too. Lovely head and eye. Good double coat and otter tail. Good lay of shoulder, level topline,good spring of rib and short coupled to good hindquarters. Moved well.

St. Andrews, Cupar And District Canine Society
24th June 2009
Judge:Mrs Ilex Whiting
Second Graduate(5 entries)

Tayside, Lochee And District Canine Club
8th August 2009
Judge:Mr David Brigden
First Graduate(4 entries)

Upperward Of Lanarkshire Canine society
15th August 2009
Judge:Mr A Watt
Second Junior (7 entries)
Reserve Graduate (8 Entires)

Falkirk And District Canine Society
16th August 2009
Judge:Mrs A Stewart
Reserve Junior (5 entries)

Labrador Club Of Scotland
17th October 2009
Judge:Miss Mairi Brown (Ramsayville)
Second Novice Bitch (8 entries)

Kirkintilloch, Lenzie And district Canine Society
18th October 2009
Judge:Mrs Margaret Wood (Amirene)
Third Graduate (5 entries)

Ladies Kennel Association Of Scotland
15th November 2009
First Graduate (5 entries)
First Open (5 Entries)
Best Of Breed!!!

Catrine Canine
29th November 2009
First Graduate (6 entries)
First Open 5 (Entries)
Best Of Breed!!!

West Lothian Canine Society
5th December 2009
Third Graduate (4 entries)

Rutherglen Canine Club
13th December 2009
Judge:Mr Ian Halbert
Third Graduate (5 entries)

Cambuslang Canine Club
20th December 2009
Third Graduate (3 entries)

Upperward of Lanarkshire Canine Society
20th February 2010
Judge:Miss K Klein Woolthuis
First Open (2 entries)

The south West Scotland Gundog Association
6th March 2010
Judge:Mrs N Dodd ( Eneleon)
Second Limit Bitch (8 entries)