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Yo Yo Show Results

Yo Yo

Show Results

Crammondkirk’s Yo Yo JW
4 CC’S, 2 BOB’s & 2 RCC’S

Yo Yo

The Labrador Club Of Scotland
1st MP (6 entries)
Patricia Gartland

Gundog Breeds Association Of Scotland
1st MP(13 entries)
Colin Woodward

Lewis Crammondkirk’s Yo Yo Just 7 months A beautifully young bitch that oozed quality, super feminine head shape dark soft expressive eyes, neck strong & well muscled leading to well made forehand with good depth, ample bone on neat well padded feet, strong well coupled loin, good turn of stifle, hocks well let down, moved soundly with confidence, should have a bright future one to watch.

1st MP(9 entries)
Best Puppy Bitch
Anne Taylor

Lewis’s Crammondkirk’s Yo Yo. What a sweety. Feminine black puppy who is well balanced. Loved her type and overall proportions. Well built and nice to see a pup who looks like a pup and is not overdone at this stage of growth. Lovely clean outline, good bone and feet. Well sprung ribs and strong topline. Correctly coupled and a healthy weight. Moved steadily and soundly. Well set tail that she carried nicely. Still got her puppy coat and once she’s changed it then should have a harder topcoat. Half sister to BP winner, BPB

Caledonian Open Show
1st Puppy (6 entries)
Best Puppy In Breed
Mr T Gorian

South West Scotland Gundog Breeds Association
1st Puppy (5 entries)
Best Puppy In Breed
Jo McDonald

Three Ridings LRC
1st Puppy (18 entries)
Best Puppy In Show
Margaret Litherland

Labrador Club Of Scotland
1st Puppy (10 entries)
1st Novice (11 entries)
Best puppy bitch & Reserve Best Puppy In Show
Mrs C Coode

Joint Labrador Clubs Championship Show
1st Puppy (9 entries)
1st Novice (4 entries)
Mrs Lene Johansen (Denmark)

Crammondkirks’s Yo Yo: Excellent black, very beautiful puppy of high quality, good expression, lovely neck, topline, tail set, well angulated front and rear, beautiful ribcage, excellent mover.

Tay Valley Gundog Association
1st Junior (6 entries)
Mrs Kerry Burns

LKA Association Of Scotland Open Show
1st Junior (3 entries)
Mrs C Mason

The Labrador Club Of Scotland open show
1st Novice (3 entries)
Mr Gareth Proctor

Cotswold & Wyevern LRC
1st Junior (17 entries)
Miss Becci Hodge (Naiken)

1st Lewis Crammondkirk’s Yo Yo, this black has a beautiful clean outline and flows from nose to tail. She has the most gentle feminine head and expression, with correct eye colour. Her front angulation is excellent with the correct lay of shoulder and upper arm. She has a spring of rib and moderate hind angulation. Good bone and neat feet. She is very steady and easy on the move and held her outline throughout. Correct double coat, with harsh top coat. I liked her a lot and I think with maturity will have a good future.

Annandale Canine Society
1st Junior (5 entries)
1st Post Graduate (6 entries)
Reserve Best Of Breed
Mrs Kathy Spacey

Ian Ganney
Lewis Crammondkirk YoYo JW. There was nothing not to like with this black. Longer cast than 1 but very good in front and rear quarters with an overall clean outline.. Body was not lacking in any way with a lovely spring of rib. Very neat in coupling and true ottertail. Her head profile and width of skull were outstanding. Superb coat and flawless movement put the icing on the cake. Pushed hard for top honours. RCC

N&D championship show
1st Limit
Maxine Woodley
Stood away from the others in the class for her quality and condition, bigger type but not overdone anywhere. Beautiful head, flowing neck into beautiful shoulders. Good bone and feet, level topline, deep chest, wide strong quarters, correct tail set, moved very well.

The LCoS open show
1st Limit
Stephanie Perkins

West England Labrador Retriever Club Championship Show
1st Limit
Sue Marskell
LB. 25 (7abs) Lewis s CRAMMONDKIRK’S YO YO JW. The most beautiful black bitch heralds this SUPER class. Loved everything about her. From her very kind head, super construction, topline, tailset, angulation, neat feet, stands 4 square. Moves with such drive, very pleased to award her the BCC.

Birmingham National Championship show
1st Limit & RCC
Ann Britton
Limit 14 (2) Class Headed by three classic bitches.
1. Lewis Crammondkirk Yo Yo JW RCC
Notes say “just right all over!” Another classic black, pleasing head and kindest melting expression, clean strong feminine lines throughout, balanced and so well built  . Well angulated front and back, well boned legs and neat feet, deep through rib, short coupled, level topline, strong quarters and good second thigh. Moved soundly with drive. Shown in full double coat and gleaming condition.

The LCoS open show
1st Limit
Kira Leith Ross
1. Lewis’ Crammondkirk’s Yo J.W. – And another lovely black bitch with a feminine head and a sweet
expression. Lovely reach of neck, level topline, well boned, strong quarters with good second thigh.
Excellent angulations. In good coat with well covered otter tail. Moved effortlessly

Border Union
1st Limit
Bitch CC & BOB
Mr Paul Collins
LB (9, 3) Lewis’ Crammondkirk’s Yo Yo JW. This black bitch caught my eye as she entered the ring and I was not disappointed when I went over her. Well balanced and In excellent condition, she is powerfully built, has an attractive gentle head with a good length and depth of muzzle, strong, clean neck with correct shoulder angulation, good length of well boned legs and neat feet. Her deep chest is well sprung and she has a level topline, held on the move as she powered around the ring. Her good tailset, short coupling and well made hind quarters complete the picture of a excellently presented Labrador. I was pleased to present her with BCC and BOB and later watch as she made the final cut in the group challenge under Mr Richard Morris.

North West Labrador Retriever Club Championship Show
1st Limit
Tracey James
Limit Bitch (22,4)
1.Lewis’ Crammondkirk’s Yo Yo Jw, 4 year old black of lovely type. Beautiful head with soft expression. Good reach of neck, well placed shoulders, good front angulation. Neat feet.  Correct topline and tailset. Thick double coat. Steady mover with a good length of stride. Shortlisted in the challenge just preferred the overall balance of my winners.

North West Labrador Retriever Club
Championship show
1st Limit
Anthony Allen
1st Crammondkirk’s YoYo
This young bitch took my eye when standing. Very feminine in head and expression, she has a clean reach of neck, which led on to well set shoulder. She stands on well boned legs and neat feet. Plenty of depth of chest, good spring of rib and length of body. Correct top line and well-made quarters with a good bend of stifle. Movement was ok just rather untidy as she came towards me which cost her in the challenge.

Boston and District Canine Society Championship show
1st Limit
Katy Spacey

The Labrador Club Of Northern Ireland

1st Open

Bitch CC and RBIS

Leigh Lesley